Deanna's new bedroom

Not shown in the following photographs are the precision and detailwork.  Please ask for a tour.

Also not show is full interior sheer walling to couple each half of this partly added on room together, a new electrical system, insulation not only in the exterior walls, but in the interior walls for sound dampening.

Each bedroom previously had a tiny closet.  I closed off the existing closet and gave its space over to the back bedroom and constructed this new closet.  In an attempt to maximize space utilization, the doors are full height and full width.  This allows one to utilize the space to a maximum, which is critical in a small house.

The closet doors are from Brazil.  They are laminated, venered lumber for a precision fit.  The frame is solid birch to match the birch closet side.

This floor can be refinished many times and should easily last 100 years with some care.

Note: The room was 8' 4" tall, but with careful attention to top and bottom moulding fit and with the added thicknesses of the floor and ceiling, I was able to use an 8' prime grade birch panel here which added more warmth to the future desk area.

Eyeball reading light.  Not show is the fact that the first 2 coats of paint were darker than the homeowner wanted so I lightened them up with 3 more coats.  She was happy.

Happy homeower.  Sorry, my old digital camera messes with the color a bit.  The walls were light mint green.