Entrance face lift

Windows, Pillars, etc. MenloPark, CA

New columns, front door and windows.

(Landscaping, rock, paving and painting done by other contractors.)

This house previously had ugly plywood arches where the white columns stand today.  The owner hated them.  This looks so much better, and it lets much more light into the living room making it a much more enjoyable living space.  The new double pane windows also help keep the street noise out on this moderatly busy street.

The landscaping contractors did a nice job too, don't you think.

Other work done at this same address:

* New front door with sidelights
* 2 new interior partition walls & hall door
* replaced attic stairs
* new mail slot
* re-fabricated fireplace wall
* 5" crown and base board in living room and entry
* many misc. household repairs, including screwing the skylights on which the roofers had left loose.

* New door bell switch
* New front light timers
* new ceiling fan
* new outlets and wiring in living room